The constant changes in technology have meant that divers are now safer, more efficient underwater and can enjoy the experience more than ever before. One piece of equipment stands out more than ever: the diving computer. They are ideal for all types of scuba diving courses, including recreational, open water and cave and you would be amazed at how vital it is to have one of these sophisticated machines on you when you’re 30, 40 or 50 feet underwater. Want to know why they are so great? Keep reading:

  1. Being Able To Keep Track Of The Decompression Status

    The principal purpose of diving computers is to help scuba divers keep track of their decompression status and assist them to avoid getting sick. Many divers struggle to remember all the details and cues when it comes to surfacing and managing the decompression part of their dive. But with a diving computer, they will be able to perform all of the calculations automatically and give them a clear indication of where they are. This is of vital importance for the health and safety of divers, as well as being the key reason on why they should look towards getting a diving computer.

  2. Accurately Record Time And Depth

    One of the greatest challenges facing a diver is the accurate determination of maximum depth and bottom time they spend underwater. The actual depth and time of a dive are often recorded inaccurately, and this leaves the diver unsure about their skills and status. A diving computer will automatically log everything, ensuring the diver is up to date with all their times.

  3. Helps With Multi-Level Dives

    For those skilled divers that are going deeper than ever before, they are going to need to keep track of their dive, hold and decompression more than ever. A diving computer will be able to help divers measure their status for multi-level dives, keeping track of their floating, as well as the next drop. A vital component for those looking to go deep sea or cave diving.

  4. Measuring The Status Of Air Pressure

    On top of all the other pressures that come with diving, we can’t forget the key one that revolves around cylinder pressure and air time. Well, you won’t have to worry with a diving computer on you. It will provide you with in-depth information about your current cylinder pressure and air time. It has always been difficult for both novice and veteran divers to accurately measure how much air supply they have and how they will manage their descend. Having a computer on board will help immensely.

We hope that these pointers have helped you realise the importance of diving computers. If you would like more information on scuba diving equipment, courses and experience, contact Aquatic Adventures – Melbourne’s best scuba diving experts.