Wreck Diver

Wrecks are one of the most popular types of dive site. There are so many different types – ships, boats, planes, submarines, cruise liners, destroyers and aircraft carriers to name a few. Wrecks often form artificial reefs and are home to all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures. Some wrecks still have their original cargo and are like underwater museums, and some even have human remains on them.

In Melbourne we are blessed with a myriad of well known wreck diving sites. There are the J-class submarines, the Eliza Ramsden and the Ships’ Graveyard outside the heads, and soon we will also have the ex-HMAS Canberra.

What will I learn?

A PADI Wreck Diver course introduces you wreck diving safety as well as the historical and legal aspects of wreck diving. You will also cover navigation, mapping, reel use, and buoyancy techniques.

Course Goals

  1. To enable you to demonstrate practical wreck diving knowledge, including recognizing and avoiding potential hazards,and planning procedures that make wreck diving fun.
  2. To enable you to explain the historical value of wrecks, social and legal issues surrounding that value, and describe some of the its implications, including the pros and cons of removing artifacts from wrecks.
  3. To enable you to plan and organize dives to safely explore wrecks found within conditions as good as or better than those in which you have been trained, and within comparable or shallower depths.
  4. To enable you to identify the hazards of wreck penetration diving and demonstrate the techniques and procedures required to minimize those hazards.

What are the course prerequisites?

  • Must be aged over 15 years of age
  • Must be certified as at least a PADI Adventure Diver or an Advanced Open Water diver if trained by another agency

What will I need?

  • Your own mask, snorkel, fins and boots
  • A reel
  • A primary and a backup underwater light
  • Slate
  • Compass
  • A surface marker buoy for boat diving
  • Two passport photos

Course costs: $525

This includes:

  • Instruction
  • PADI Wreck Diver certification (which can be used towards your Master Scuba Diver rating)
  • Four boat dives
  • Airfills on the course
  • Gear hire if needed (except mask, snorkel, boots & fins)

To enquire about PADI Wreck Diver courses please contact your local Aquatic Adventures store, or check our Calendar for dates.