Dive Equipment

Buy your dive gear from us in store with the best service, price and availability.  We stock a huge range of equipment that is assembled by our qualified Dive Instructors and equipment technician. We also provide full Australian warranty, back-up service, repairs and on some Oceanic items free service parts for life.  Buy from us and we’ll continue to look after you and help you choose the right gear that suits your needs.

The importance of quality when choosing scuba diving equipment should not be underestimated. Although scuba diving is not an inherently dangerous activity, it does involve placing ourselves in extreme conditions and using specialised equipment to continue breathing.

So… since it is your life support system, you want to know that the diving gear you buy is going to keep you safe. At Aquatic Adventures we only stock brands from manufacturers that have proven quality standards and records, and who provide follow-up service in the unlikely event that something should go wrong. Brands such as Oceanic, Scubapro, Dive Rite, Poseidon, Faber, Halcyon and more. A good relationship with our customers is important to us, and you can rest safe in the knowledge that we have your best interests at heart. After all, we are scuba divers too!

Why get your gear from us?

As with any industry there are brands that range from super cheap to extremely expensive with varying levels of quality. When choosing brands to stock in the shop we look for a good combination of cost and quality. We stock all the worlds best brands and provide back up with full service from around the country. So why would you buy your dive equipment from us in Melbourne? Here’s why:

  • We choose to stock brands that provide exceptional quality and service.
  • We will work with you to find out your needs so that you buy the right equipment the first time.
  • We assemble and test your equipment before giving it to you.
  • We provide follow-up service in the unlikely event of a problem, and we make sure that any problems are fixed. We do not operate under the “buyer beware” philosophy.
  • We provide several payment options for you. Buying your own scuba diving equipment is an investment, and we can deal with cash, credit card, EFTPOS, or Ezi-Buy (which allows you to spread the payments interest free over 12 months).