Equipment Servicing

It is highly recommended that all regulators and buoyancy compensators be serviced annually regardless of how much use they receive. It is even more important to have your scuba diving equipment serviced if it has not been in use for a while, or if you only use your equipment over summer. It is also cheaper to have your scuba diving equipment serviced regularly and avoid unnecessary replacement of major and often expensive components. The warranty terms on most regulators and buoyancy compensators require the servicing of the item annually.

Aquatic Adventures offer equipment servicing on all major brands. Equipment takes around one week for servicing, assuming no special parts are required. Just bring your dive gear into our store and we’ll look after it for you. Some of the servicing is done in-house, whilst tanks and other gear is sent to an external servicing company every Wednesday and returned the following Wednesday. Quotes are available free of charge.

SCUBA EQUIPMENTScuba diving cylinders need to be tested every year for safety. You can determine when your cylinder needs to be tested by checking the month and year stamps on the neck of the cylinder. If the date is more than one year ago, your tank needs testing. Without this annual stamp your cylinder can not be filled.

If you would like to get your dive gear serviced, or would like a free quote, bring it into the store and we will look after it for you!