John Yong on the Hollis Explorer Rebreather hanging at the 5 meter stop and everything is okay.

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to see the new Hollis Explorer in action. This is a recreational rebreather that is light weight, compact and easy to use. John Yong took the Hollis Explorer on its maiden voyage explaining to me that it is so simple even I could use it, with proper training of course.

John made it look good as the pre-dive checks were finished quickly and then we were in the water diving.  I watched the flashing green light on the Explorer turn blue for a just one flash and then back to green so I will have to remember to ask John what that means.

Hope to see you diving soon.


John Yong on the Hollis Explorer doing a safety stop.

PADI Business Academy

At the PADI Business Academy seminar with Damo| having so much fun :)    David