Aquatic Adventures is part of the AAA Scuba Group

Aquaholics Dive Club

Not just a hobby...

Aquaholics Club Night is: 

Every Friday, from 6:30pm to 9pm,

@ Aquatic Adventures store in Rowville.

Join us for a sausage sizzle, drinks, and dive chat!

What does it cost to become an Aquaholics member?

Aquaholics is 100% FREE to join at the standard level (aka Blue Level), and then has 3 higher levels that members can join for a fee.  Here is a breakdown of the various levels:

Blue level - FREE - able to join all club dives, attend all social events, and receive monthly newsletter.

Bronze level - $120/year - includes all of the above, plus 10% discount at Aquatic Adventures store in Rowville*, 30% discount on air fills, plus access to club interstate and international trips.

Silver level - $180/year - includes all of the above, plus discounted Nitrox fills, an Aquaholics T-Shirt of your choice (designs forthcoming), & priority access to club trips.

Gold level - $240/year - includes all of the above, plus exclusive member offers on equipment & training throughout the year.


Aquaholics club fees are payable in October each year, and pro-rated from then on (based upon a Bronze level membership)

The Aquatic Adventures dive club is called the Aquaholics

Originally an independent dive club, founded by some of our staff members, Aquaholics has now merged with the original Aquatic Adventures dive club to form a new club which comprises all the best parts of both.

Our members include divers from all walks of life, and all skill levels, from beginner, to advanced tech diver.


Aquaholics members believe in the following when it comes to our diving:

1) Safety first - we do not engage in diving activities, or encourage others to do so, if we do not have the proper training for the dive.

2) We are not elitist - all divers, from all certification agencies, are welcome to join us on our dives (provided they have the necessary training).

3) Fun - above all, Aquaholics members want Scuba Diving to be fun, and for everyone to have a good time!

Aquaholics comprises a number of sub-clubs, which we call Crews.  Each crew has a specific focus.  New crews are always welcome, providing they do not clash with either our core club beliefs, or the activities of another crew.

Here are the current Aquaholics Crews:

SOCIAL CREW - Socialising with your fellow divers is a great way to make new friends, and to organise your next diving adventures. Scuba Diving is a social activity, and whilst there's no denying that a lot of divers enjoy a drink, Aquaholics social nights will always aim to be more inclusive, giving our tee-total and designated driver friends just as much chance to participate & enjoy themselves.

ECO CREW - As divers, we all know that it is important to give back to the ocean we love. There are many ways to do this, from clean up dives, to fish counts, to promoting good diving practices. It is a constant battle, but one every diver is a part of. The Aquaholics Eco Crew organises dives and activities to help keep our ocean clean and healthy for future generations of divers.

WRECKING CREW - Melbourne is a port town, so it should come as no surprise that Victoria has seen its fair share of maritime accidents which led to ships sinking in our local waters.  Add purpose sunk dive wrecks into the mix and you have a Wreck divers dream.  Join the Aquaholics Wrecking Crew to explore all kinds of wrecks, from submarines to paddle steamers.