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Winter Drysuit Trials - 07/07/224

Equipment OllieP 07 Jun, 2024

Winter has arrived, and the water temperature is dropping, however those in the know have ensured they can keep diving during the months with the best conditions by suiting up in the Drysuit of their choice.  But what if you haven’t got a drysuit?  Perhaps you’re reticent to buy before you try, which is perfectly sensible?  Perhaps you’ve been waiting on your tax return $$$ before investing in your winter diving – also perfectly sensible?

Well, we’ve taken all this into account, and we’ve reached out to our suppliers and come up with a solution we hope you’ll like – in-ocean drysuit training, using a rental suit!

That’s right, we’re borrowing the drysuit fleets from Bare, Avatar, Santi and Cressi and we’re going to run the full drysuit course and allow you to use one of those demo suits to do the training.

Why?  Well, what better way to experience the benefits of drysuit diving than by using one in the conditions you’ll continue to dive it in.  And by doing the training course with you in advance, you’ll be confident and raring to go if/when you buy your own drysuit.

When? We will be running the course on Sunday 7th July 2024.  The course will be led by Ollie, with assistance from some more of the pro team if required.

Spaces on this program will be limited – first in will well and truly be best dressed as we will be allocating suits from the rental fleets in the order that people sign up.  This means that if you dawdle, and sign up late, we may not have a suit for you, and therefore we won’t take your booking.

So, if you’re keen to earn your drysuit certification, and want to do it before you invest in a suit (just to be certain) then speak to us in-store now and sign up for this special course.

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