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EDX / Delta 5


EDX / Delta 5

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Over 20 years ago we gave ourselves a challenge to design a rugged and reliable all-purpose regulator that would be at home in cold water or warm and breathe just as good at 10 metres as it did at 40. We called that regulator the Delta, and we still do.

The Delta5 is the next step in a long line of remarkably reliable, durable and smoothly breathing regulators to carry that name. Sure, we’ve given it an updated look, but that’s not all. Like the Delta’s before it, the 5 comes standard with our Dynamic Adjustment Technology that, once set by the diver, provides consistent airflow at any depth. They also come standard with a dive/pre-dive switch and a super comfortable orthodontic mouthpiece. This latest edition though has an updated, all metal pneumatic valve providing super smooth breathing performance in any condition. We have also added a heat exchanger, positioned on the hose connection to the 2nd stage, to further increase its already stellar cold water performance.

We’ve paired the Delta5 with the new eDX. This top-of-the-line cold forged, over-balanced diaphragm first stage is environmentally sealed and comes with 4 low-pressure and 2 high-pressure ports. It also comes equipped with a heat exchanger for added cold water performance.

The EDX / Delta 5 is the latest incarnation of a regulator combination that has formed the integral part of Aquatic Adventures' rental fleet (plus that of many other local dive stores) for more than a decade. 

Whilst there's no denying the cosmetic upgrade is appealing, what really makes this one of our favourite regulators is that it is tried and tested technology. Nothing tests a regulator more than rental usage, and we are happy to report that our fleet has never missed a beat.

When you add in the amazing "Parts for Life" offer on Oceanic equipment (provided it is regularly serviced within the manufacturer prescribed interval), this is a fantastic cold water regulator!


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