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Tech Fin

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Tech Fin

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A classic vented fin, redesigned to maximise performance. Utilising natural rubber in a unique density gradient, this fin delivers a comfortable foot pocket combined with optimised stiffness for finning performance. The vented design allows water to flow along the blade reducing drag and fatigue, whilst the stiffening rails and ribs ensure that the blade of the fin is driven through the water to maximise the return on effort.

The Tech Fins were developed with technical divers in mind with a slightly negative buoyancy characteristic but is suitable for all levels of diver looking for a high-performance rubber fin. The wider blade gives manoeuvrability without compromising the power which is there when needed, while the shorter length improves agility and makes stowing the fins for transport more convenient. Spring straps with comfortable heel pads keep the feet securely held in place and these spring straps can be removed and changed easily with everyday tools if required.

The Tech Fins are supplied with a hanging/carrying strap which may be used to attach them to a BCD or harness for carrying, leaving both hands free for climbing ladders or carrying other gear.

The natural rubber material of this fin is extremely durable, and all components are recyclable at end of life.

Fourth Element's Tech fin is one of the best natural rubber fins on the market today.  Their ethos of designing fully recylable equipment is refreshing, but perhaps more refreshing is the fact that this classicly designed fin has a foot pocket designed for people with real feet (yes that's a dig at the classic jet fin with its square foot pocket).  Sitting in the negatively-buoyant category may mean this fin is not suitable for everyone, but if you struggle from "floaty feet" in your drysuit, then these fins may well help to counteract that.


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