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Explore 100 breathtaking scuba diving sites around the world--from the cenotes of Mexico to the best wreck in Micronesia--through stunning National Geographic photography, expert tips, and cutting-edge travel advice. Filled with more than 350 images… - Read More

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A reference for divers, fishermen, students, and scientists, identifying almost all the known fish species from the coastal waters of eastern Australia, ranging from northern New South Wales to western Victoria. It comprises 142 families and… - Read More

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The Dive Spots of New South Wales is an indispensable guide for all levels of diver and snorkeler, broadening their horizons on places to visit and dive/snorkel in New South Wales. Through extensive travelling and diving, Graham Willis and Johan Boshoff… - Read More

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With more than 1700 close-up images of live animals, this book is a comprehensive photographic identification guide for field naturalists, serving the diving zoologists, educators, as well as hobbyists and people of all ages. This guide is a companion… - Read More

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A quick reference guide to marine and fish species that can be found around the world. This book can be used by scuba divers and snorkelers as a quick reference guide to help them identify and learn about the fish species they might encounter underwater.… - Read More

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Revised from the older book Seahorses, Pipefishes and their relatives, this new book is by far the most comprehensive publication of the world's Seahorses and their relatives ever produced. It has been expanded, more than 100 pages added and includes… - Read More

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Comprehensive guide to over 120 scuba diving and snorkelling dive sites accessible from shore along the Victorian coast, with maps and charts. - Read More

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Written by local divers Mark Ryan, Peter Taylor & Mick Whitmore (Aquatic Adventures alumni), Victoria’s Ships’ Graveyard gives the technical details and a brief history of all 47 ships that were to be dumped in ‘Area No: 3’ Victoria’s official Ships… - Read More

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