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Why Learn to Scuba Dive?

Boat Dives in Port Phillip Bay

Boat diving in Victoria is truly world-class.  We have numerous diveable ship-wrecks suitable for all levels, incredible sponge walls, Scallop fields, and sea grass and kelp forests, all of which are only accessible by boat.  


At Aquatic Adventures we believe that one of the main strengths of the Victorian Scuba Diving industry is the diversity of boat charter companies, and the plethora of options this offers our divers.  We like to spread our business across as many operators as possible, and encourage our divers to do likewise.  Not every company is the perfect fit for every diver, but until you explore your options you won't find the one that best suits you.


There are a number of dive charter boat operators operating in/around Port Phillip Bay & available for booking by the general public.  Aquatic Adventures have a good working relationship with many of them, who we choose to use them for courses and club dives, and we try to vary who we use as much as possible.  Details of the operators we use can be found below, and details for new operators will be added as/when they appear and we have a strong enough business relationship with them to advise how they can benefit your diving.

Please note Aquatic Adventures does not receive any commissions and/or kickbacks from the boat charter operators for posting their information on our website, nor do we recommend any particular charter company over any other.  We do run regular club boat dives, a schedule of which can be found in our CLUB CALENDAR or on our social media pages, but unless otherwise advertised dives run by these charter companies are not being staffed/guided by us.




Scubabo (formerly the Dive Victoria Group), are based out of Queenscliff on the Bellarine Peninsula.  They organise & run dives which depart from both Queenscliff or Portsea Pier (on the Mornington Peninsula), depending on booking.  Scubabo also have a sister operation up on the Great Barrier Reef, and they bring their knowledge of servicing the larger Australian diving community to bear with their more spacious vessels.  Scubabo offer lots of charter options from their 2 boats, ranging from snorkelling through to Tech dives, though their forte lies with the recreational scuba diving market.


Scubabo’s current schedule can be viewed here: SCUBABO DIVE CHARTERS



Chimney Rock are a smaller, more bespoke Dive Charter Company based out of Queenscliff.  They organise and run dives departing from both sides of the bay (Queenscliff or Portsea Pier).  Owner & operator Neale has been running boat charters in and around Port Phillip Bay for a long time (12years+), and has an encyclopedic knowledge of both our local waters and the best times to dive them.  Chimney Rock offer lots of great charter opportunities from beginner to Tech diver level & with a smaller vessel they can more easily visit some of the less dived sites in the bay, giving you an opportunity to explore some truly unique dive sites.

Chimney Rock's current schedule can be viewed here: CHIMNEY ROCK DIVE CHARTERS


Southend Dive Charters is owned and operated by Paul Serbo, better known as "Skip".  Southend is a smaller dive charter, which means less people on the boat, and it is much easier to change locations based upon the conditions (which in Victoria can be ever changing), and Skip has become famous for his ability to get divers on to dive sites that other operators aren't able to.  Operating primarily out of Queenscliff, Southend Diver Charters are an excellent choice for small groups of divers who are looking for a more bespoke itinerary.


Southend Dive Charters do not operate on online booking system, but if you would like more information you can check out Skip's Facebook page: SKIP @ SOUTHEND DIVE CHARTERS

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