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Gear Rental

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Rent some of our equipment...


Every Scuba Diver knows that it is best to have your own Scuba equipment - it will fit you properly, you can set it up exactly as you like, and it's the right colour to match your diving persona ;)

However, we all have times when we need, or want, to rent some equipment.  Whatever your reason for wanting to hire some Scuba Diving equipment, Aquatic Adventures is here to help.  Simply come into our Rowville store, bring your Scuba Certification card and your Driving License, and we will set you up with everything you need.

Price for equipment rental are as follows (discounts apply for Aquaholics Dive Club Members - ask staff for details):

  • Full Scuba Set (BCD, Regs, Wetsuit, Weights & Tank): $88/day

  • Hardware Package (BCD, Regs, Weights & Tank): $75/day

  • Scuba Package (BCD, Regs & Tank): $60/day

  • Air Tank (inc. fill): $25/day

  • Nitrox Tank (not including fill): $25/day

  • Regulator set (includes dive computer on console): $28/day

  • BCD (includes integrated weight pockets): $17/day

  • Wetsuit (7mm): $28/day

  • Weightbelt (plus weights): $15/day

  • Stage Bottle & Regulator (inc. air fill): $30/day

  • Twin Tanks with Manifold (inc. air fill): $65/day

Don't see the equipment you need to rent on the list above?  Contact us and we will do our best to help.

Rental Prices
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