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Equipment Sales

Visit us in store...

Aquatic Adventures has a large selection of Scuba Diving equipment available for purchase in our store in Rowville.  Our staff are all seasoned divers, and can help you to choose gear that both fits well, and is suitable for the type of diving you want to pursue. 

We carry a wide range of stock (including different colours and sizes) from the following Scuba & Watersports brands (in alphabetical order), and have access to numerous other brands, if there is something specific you are looking for:

  • Apeks

  • Apollo

  • Aqualung

  • Atomic Aquatics

  • Cressi

  • Faber

  • Fourth Element

  • Halcyon

  • Hollis

  • Mares

  • Oceanic

  • Ocean Hunter

  • Ocean Pro

  • OMS

  • Rob Allen

  • Santi

  • Sea&Sea

  • Shearwater

  • Sterling Leisure

  • TUSA

Our Store Stocking Policy


At Aquatic Adventures we believe when someone tells you their brand is "the best" you should always ask "for what?". 

No single Scuba brand has the perfect product for every person & every dive activity, which means there is no such thing as a "best brand" when it comes to Scuba equipment. 

However there are lots of very well established and very accomplished scuba equipment manufacturers, and at Aquatic Adventures we do our utmost to always offer what we consider to be the best products currently available.

Every product we stock has been tested by us, and chosen specifically to meet a need our customers have.  This means, if you have a question about equipment, we can advise you several options to help you meet your goal.

...or online

In-store is the best way to buy dive gear, as nothing beats physically trying the gear on, however if you want to shop online then you can visit our eStore, DiveSupply.

DiveSupply, the eStore for Aquatic Adventures, is currently OFFLINE whilst we update it with new product ranges.  Keep an eye on our social media for updates as to when it will relaunch, and in the meantime save the address for future use by going to:

DiveSupply Logo 3 PNG.png
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