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Advanced Open Water Diver


Aquatic Adventures Guarantees


At Aquatic Adventures we have tailored our courses to offer you the best opportunity to become a competent and confident diver, regardless of your previous experience level or in-water ability.  We prioritise safety above all else, so on all our Advanced Open Water courses we guarantee:


  • To have a minimum of 2 Dive Professionals

  • To choose our training dive locations to ensure that you can learn comfortably, whilst also having lots of fun.

  • To maintain strict adherence to PADI standards - we never cut corners.

See course dates on the Course Calendar page

Take your diving to the next level...

Get a taste of new adventures and enjoy scuba diving more than ever.

Over 2 diving days you will build your scuba skills and gain more confidence underwater.  2 of the dives are mandatory: a Deep dive to earn your 30m depth rating, and an Underwater Navigation dive to improve your compass skills and help ensure you don't get lost on your dives.

The remaining dives can be chosen from a large list of optional Adventure Dives, providing a range of choices that allows us to plan the course to reflect the best of what Victorian diving can offer.

3-Stage Process:

THEORY & EQUIPMENT - PADI's eLearning Online program is designed so that you can learn the academics at your own pace when it is convenient for you. You complete the academic section of your course online, however your Instructor will be happy to help you with any theory based questions you may have.

SHORE DIVES - The first dives of your PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course will take place off the shore.  Included in all AOW courses run by Aquatic Adventures is a short skill review session which will be part of the first dive.  This is to ensure that both you and your Instructor are aware of where amongst your basic skills there is a room for improvement.  Your Underwater Navigation dive will be included in your Shore Dives.

BOAT DIVES - Your PADI Advanced Open Water Diver will also comprise Boat dives. These will include your Deep dive, to 30m, and at least one other dive to make the best of the conditions at the time.


  • Minimum age to take the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course in Australia is 12years old.

  • A PADI Open Water Diver certification (or equivalent) is required to enroll in this course.

  • Review the PADI Medical Statement, which can be found here and if required, get a Diving Medical to ensure you are safe to dive.

  • For the Standard Advanced Open Water Diver course, hire of standard Scuba Equipment is not included in the cost of the course - if needed this will be an additional $90/day.  You must have your own personal snorkeling equipment: mask, snorkel, fins, boots, as these items are not included in gear rental on either course option.

  • A cutting device, underwater torch and an SMB with reel are also required to complete the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course with Aquatic Adventures (Purchase these items in-store when you book on to your course a receive a minimum 10% discount)

3 Stage Process to Certification

Advanced Open Water Diver course options at Aquatic Adventures

Standard Advanced Open Water Diver course

Standard AOW Course

Our Standard Advanced Open Water Diver course comprises 5 adventure dives.  We have chosen the following dives to provide the best experience for our divers: Underwater Navigation & Deep Diver (required by PADI standards), plus Peak Performance Buoyancy, Night Diver & Wreck/Drift Diver (depending on weather conditions).

We run to the following course schedule:

  • Theory Review & Equipment Evening - normally held on a Thursday from 6pm-8pm prior to the course starting.

  • Ocean Day 1 - held the following Saturday, starting at 9am, normally down on the Mornington Peninsula.  This day will comprise 3 shore dives.

  • Ocean Day 2 - held the next day, on the Sunday, with 2 boat dives - your Deep dive to 30m, and 1 other which serves as your qualification dive.  Timings depend on the boat schedule.

 Please note: 4 students are required for the course to run


Price: $650/person

Private Advanced Open Water Diver course

Private AOW Course

Price: $2,290/course

For those who want a Bespoke experience, we offer Private Advanced Open Water Diver courses.

We will build the schedule around your availability, and whilst you are still required to complete the Underwater Navigation & Deep Diver adventure dives (as per PADI standards), the remainder of the course has the following added advantages: 


  • Choose any 4 of the following adventure dives: Boat, DSMB, Digital Underwater Imaging, Dive Against Debris, Drift, Dry Suit, Enriched Air, Fish ID, Night, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Search & Recovery, Self-Reliant, Sidemount, Underwater Naturalist, Wreck

  • FREE AOW Silver-level accessories combo (knife, SMB, reel & torch)

  • 1 extra dive included, beyond standard course scope

  • Guaranteed to be run by one of our senior Instructors

Having a private course means you really can tailor your training to completely match your individual needs.  If you are really serious about pursuing your Scuba Diving as a lifelong hobby, or you want a course which will be completely geared around you, then Aquatic Adventures Private Advanced Open Water Diver course is the one for you!

 Please note: Course cost is fixed, but can be split across a maximum of 2 people

Aquatic Adventures Advanced Open Water Diver course comparison

AOW Course Comparison
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