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Recreational Scuba Diving

PADI - The way the world learns to dive


At Aquatic Adventures we are a 5-Star PADI Instructor Development Centre.  This means we teach the entire curriculum of the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) Scuba Divings courses, from Open Water Diver, all the way through to Instructor, and beyond.


Recreational Diving covers many different kinds of Scuba Diving, down to a maximum depth of 40m, with courses designed to be fun, informative, and above all safe.


Learn more about the various recreational courses offered at Aquatic Adventures below:

Core courses

Core Courses

Earn the world's most recognised entry-level Scuba Diving qualification, the PADI Open Water Diver certification, and be qualified to dive independently to a maximum depth of 18 metres, all over the world.

Become a certified Scuba Diver

Become a certified Scuba Diver


Get a taste of what you like and enjoy whilst scuba diving.  Build your skills and gain more confidence underwater as you progress to a 30 metre depth rating, explore sunken shipwrecks and dive in the dark.

Take your diving to the next level


Become the diver everyone wants to buddy with by taking the course which Scuba Divers describe as both the most challenging, yet also the most rewarding of their Recreational dive training.

Learn to deal with emergencies


Specialty Diver courses

Specialty Diver courses

At Aquatic Adventures, our team of PADI Professionals can teach a wide range of PADI Specialty Diver programs. 


Whether you are looking to discover a new kind of diving, want to expand you skill set, or are working towards your PADI Master Scuba Diver rating, there is a PADI Specialty course for you.

Check our Course Calendar for upcoming courses, and click on the button below to discover a little more about the PADI Specialty Diver courses we offer, and how you can work towards your Master Scuba Diver rating.

PADI Specialty couses

...take the MASTER SCUBA DIVER challenge with PADI Specialty courses

Reach the pinnacle...

Master Scuba Diver

Master Scuba Diver

The Master Scuba Diver rating is what every serious recreational scuba diver should be aiming for.  It is the pinnacle of the PADI recreational dive ladder.

The MSD rating places you in an elite group of respected divers who have earned this rating through both significant experience and scuba training. Fewer than two percent of divers ever achieve this rating. When you flash your Master Scuba Diver card, people know that you’ve spent time underwater in a variety of environments and had your share of dive adventures.

FREE MSD application

At Aquatic Adventures, your PADI Master Scuba Diver application is FREE.

We believe that, once you've completed all the pre-requisites, you've definitely earned your Master Scuba Diver rating, and therefore you shouldn't have to pay more for it.

With all our Master Scuba Diver students, the PADI fees for your certification and your MSD card are waived.

Every diver, who is at least 12 years old, should aim for Master Scuba Diver.  You earn it by completing the following:

At Aquatic Adventures we won the PADI award for the most Master Scuba Divers qualified in Victoria in 2018, and this is because we dedicate a lot of time to helping our customers build their dive skills and undertake the training they want to do to grow their diving. 


We have developed 2 PADI Specialty combo packages to help our divers earn the coveted MSD qualification, details of which can be found below (click on the picture to open it in a large window)

Best of Victoria Dive Combo.gif
Be A Better Diver Combo.gif
Course Combos

To take advantage of these PADI Specialty Combo Packages, purchase a voucher to redeem for the relevant specialties from our Voucher page

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