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Dive Gear Servicing

Scuba equipment is your underwater life support, and therefore it is of utmost importance that it is taken care of and maintained in the best possible condition.

At Aquatic Adventures we have a fully stocked in-house service lab, staffed by experienced service technicians, and we are able to provide inspection and servicing on all major brands.

Bring your equipment into our store in Rowville, and we guarantee we will treat it with the utmost respect and get it back to you in the best possible condition ASAP.


Pricing for the common servicing tasks is as follows:

  • Standard Regulator Service (1st & 2nd Stage & Occy): $130 plus parts (where applicable)

  • Oxygen Clean Regulator Service: $150 plus parts (where applicable)

  • BCD Service: $60 plus parts (where applicable)

  • Tank Hydrostatic Testing: $55 (1-14litre tanks), $60 (15litre+)

  • Tank Oxygen Cleaning: $25 (plus Hydro Test where applicable)

Servicing Prices
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